The Philadelphia Inquirer

Casey wrote nearly 30 stories during her summer internship at The Philadelphia Inquirer. They are most easily accessible via Some of her favorites include:

  • For Federal Donuts, chicken bones equal philanthropy: At the end of each week, Federal Donuts – which has a menu exclusively featuring doughnuts, fried chicken, and coffee – disposes of the useless backs and bones of chickens. It amounts to about 1,000 pounds of waste a week.
  • Aspiring Broadway actress gets a break from ‘Book of Mormon’: A few months ago, Alina John had no idea what she’d be doing this summer. Now, she’s spending a week working alongside Broadway professionals. And it’s all thanks to the generosity of a group of Mormons. More accurately, a group of actors who play Mormons.
  • Honoring the struggle for Civil Rights in Philadelphia: Though a history book might say otherwise, the fight for civil rights began as early as the 1700s – at least in Philadelphia. In 1701, William Penn signed the Charter of Privileges, giving Pennsylvanians freedom of religion. And so it began.